A Decade of Memories – A Tribute To SmallWorlds

An Introduction

From an outside perspective, SmallWorlds may seem like just a game, but to the citizens and players of SmallWorlds, it is so much more than that.

It is a place to hang out and socialize with friends, or to even make new friends.

It is a place to vent when life isn’t going a certain way and when it is, it becomes a place to share good news.

It is a place to express our creativity through sculptures and paintings.

It is a place to tell stories and create adventures through the missions that we make.

It is a place to show our love of interior design and fashion.

It is a place to practice our entrepreneurial skills through the stores and flea markets that we own.

It is a place of making goals: saving for that one must have rare item that we’ve always dreamed of owning or collecting sculptures, paintings, and wears.

It is a small world where everyone belongs.


The SmallWorlds logo. Truly a world where everyone belongs!


My Journey With SmallWorlds

In early 2014, a game that I was playing at the time called Miniplanet had announced it’s closure.  Devastated by the news, my friends and I frantically searched for a similar game that we could join and enjoy together.

That’s when we discovered SmallWorlds.

We instantly fell in love and were captivated by the beautiful graphics and the awesome items and avatars.

Soon after joining, we discovered our favorite awesome features and aspects that make SmallWorlds a great game and a place that we wanted to be a part of.

♥ The Ability to Sculpt Your Own Creations

The ability to sculpt your own items quickly became one of my absolute favorite features that SmallWorlds has.  It allowed players to take plain white blocks and chisel them into whatever shape you desired and then paint them however you wanted.  This allowed players to create electronics, furniture, home decor, food, groceries, and much more!


Some of the sculptures that I created in SmallWorlds using the sculpting feature.


A space filled with beautiful sculptures by SmallWorlds citizen Sore Eros. As you can see, sculptures really can make a space extra beautiful and is the perfect expression of creativity and art ability!  Sore Eros has always been a favorite sculptor among SmallWorlds citizens!

♥ The Amazing Art Community

Besides talented sculptors, SmallWorlds also has a fantastic art community in the form of painters.  SmallWorlds is full of player created art galleries with walls covered in truly stunning art.


A screenshot of some amazing art displayed in an art gallery owned by SmallWorlds citizen Itis Me.  Itis Me is known for her stunning paintings, sculptures, and her attention to detail.


I’m not much of a painter, but here is my avatar with my favorite painting that I painted on SmallWorlds called “Wild Thing.”

♥ The Ability to Own Our Own Stores

Whether it was a flea market, a sculpture shop, an art gallery, or a wears and rares store, SmallWorlds is filled with player owned shops.  This allowed us to decorate our own shop with whatever theme we desired and share our creations or collections with other players.


A screenshot of my main store, SYNful Sculpture Mall.

♥ Interior Design

Many players in SmallWorlds have decorated stunning homes and role-playing spaces for other players to enjoy.  From restaurants to clubs, SmallWorlds has a variety of spaces that cater to any interest.


A modern family home that I was working on. It’s a shame that I won’t be able to finish decorating it.


Mystic Manor – A space I created for the Halloween space design contest which placed 1st!


A beach themed ice cream parlor that I created called Sandy Scoops.

♥ Fashion Focus

Many players in SmallWorlds have a focus on their avatar’s fashion. This includes various clothes, wears, and accessories which allowed players to totally customize their avatar.


Some of my favorite fashions. The Daryl Dixon vest is my most prized possession!

♥ Friendship

Probably the most awesome feature of SmallWorlds is the ability to socialize with friends and to make new friends!


Some fun photos that I took with friends throughout my time on SmallWorlds


Now, nearly four years after my SmallWorlds adventure started, it seems that it will be coming to an end.

SmallWorlds has officially announced their closure which is set for April 8, 2018.

Even though my friends and I have already been through the closure of a beloved game before, saying goodbye this time will be no easier.

With the announcement of the closure, the citizens of SmallWorlds were devastated, myself included.

In the forum thread informing users of the closure, hundreds of comments flooded in from the community. Many were shocked, sad, heartbroken, and just about every other emotion that you can think of. Many expressed what SmallWorlds has meant to them, some stated they “grew up” playing SmallWorlds, and others described what they would miss the most.  Many even considered the possibility of the closure announcement being an early April Fool’s joke.

I like to think that all things happen for a reason, and who ever knows what that reason may be.  It becomes difficult to understand and even harder to accept.

In all reality, I wish that another developer would purchase the game and keep it going.  As I stated above, SmallWorlds is so much more than a game.  It’s about socializing, venting, expression, collecting, decorating, and belonging.  It’s a place with a sense of community.

Quotes From The Community

“I’m going to miss getting on and sculpting, having gold sales, and just chatting with all of my friends.”

“SmallWorlds to me means meeting new friends and just hanging out and enjoying time with everyone.” – SYNful Kimberly


“I think I’ll miss the art community the most, the sculpting especially. It’s so hard to find other sites that incorporate so much into one game.”

“SmallWorlds to me means a place where I could relax and forget about real life problems while also making new friends and artwork.” – Gosia Kowalska

My Personal Thank You

To the citizens of SmallWorlds, thank you for being YOU! Thank you for sharing all of your amazing creations with everyone whether it was sculptures, paintings, missions, shops, decorated spaces, or by just being you!

To the moderators, creators, and team at SmallWorlds, thank you for giving players a decade of fun and so much more!  I hope this isn’t a “goodbye,” but simply a “see you later!”


Cheers to a decade of fun and memories!

“The directing of a picture involves coming out of your individual loneliness and taking a controlling part in putting together a small world.” -John Huston

Thank you for reading!



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