A Look At Some Of My Favorite Games

For my blog post today, I have decided to share some of my favorite games that I have spent a lot of time playing.  This list is in no particular order and obviously doesn’t list all of my favorite games.

When ranking some of my favorite games, my decisions are typically based on interesting characters and a well developed story.  However, that is not always the case and sometimes it just depends on fun game play or my current mood.

♥ The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

Anyone who knows me well will agree that The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt certainly tops my list of favorite video games.  The first Witcher game that I played was The Witcher 2 and I fell in love with the characters and story, so I was excited to see what came next in Geralt’s tale.

The Witcher 3 not only has beautiful graphics, but it also has an amazing story and well developed characters.  The main game story line is amazing, but I was truly blown away after playing the two game expansions: Hearts of Stone and Blood & Wine.  CD Projekt Red has always been one of my favorite game developers and The Witcher 3 certainly solidified that.  They are amazing at telling a story that really invokes emotions to the player.  The game also had tons of quests, some of which were hilarious.  There was also lots of free DLCs for the game like alternate outfits and additional quests.  I certainly recommend this game to anyone that enjoys adventures and role-playing games.


♥ Dragon Age: Origins

Dragon Age: Origins is probably the first game that made me really get into RPGs.  The first thing that grabbed my attention about DA:O was the awesome story and characters.  This is a game that I have played through many times and the worn corners on my strategy guide certainly show that.  It is one game that has many options on how you start, so the replay-ability is very high.  It includes fun quests and in depth party interactions and conversations.  I’m also a fan of the entire series, so I recommend Dragon Age 2 and Dragon Age: Inquisition.  Also, with talk of a Dragon Age 4 being in development, I couldn’t be more excited to see where the series goes next.

♥ Stardew Valley

Ah, Stardew Valley.  Certainly a game that I’ve spent a lot of time in, especially lately.  Stardew Valley is my game of choice for times when I want to just relax and play at my own pace.  It involves cute graphics with a bit of a retro flair and the story of rebuilding your grandfather’s farm is a lot of fun.  I particularly like that I can decorate my house and farm land pretty much how I want to.  I also like the aspect of planting and raising animals.  I’m looking forward to more content and the multiplayer options being added to Stardew Valley soon!


♥ Final Fantasy XV

I recently completed Final Fantasy XV and it was certainly a game that left me saying “wow!”  From beautiful graphics to highly lovable characters, FF:XV easily skyrocketed to my favorites list.  I really enjoyed the story and the combat system.  Also, fun limited time events like the Assassin’s Festival based on Assassin’s Creed were awesome bonuses that I enjoyed partaking in.


♥ The Entire Harvest Moon Franchise

I’ve been playing the Harvest Moon games since I was a kid so it would be impossible for me to pick just one from the series.  Similar to what I mentioned about Stardew Valley, I love Harvest Moon because the story of inheriting a run down farm and making it flourish again is always fun.  From planting crops to raising animals, the Harvest Moon games will always be some of my favorites.

♥ The Elder Scrolls Online

The Elder Scrolls Online ranks high on my list because it is a great game to play with friends.  Grouping up and going on adventures makes it a great game when you are wanting to chat and explore with others.  I also love that they included the ability to own homes and customize outfits.


♥ Skyrim

Skyrim is a game that has seen many hours of game play from me and I still feel like I haven’t experienced everything that the game has to offer.  It is a great RPG with a fun story and awesome quests.  There is a reason that it is a highly regarded RPG and it tends to stand out among other games of the same genre.

♥ The Entire Assassin’s Creed Franchise

Once again, it’s hard for me to pick just one game from the entire Assassin’s Creed franchise, but if I had to choose, it would be Assassin’s Creed Black Flag.  All of the games are a lot of fun and I always enjoy the inclusion of historical events and characters.  I enjoyed Black Flag the most because of the pirate aspect.  Edward Kenway ranks at the top of my favorite list of assassin’s and the ship battles were a great feature of the game.  The scenery in the game was also beautiful.

♥ The Entire Fallout Franchise

Ah, Fallout. You can’t really discuss RPGs without mentioning at least one game from the Fallout series.  I have personally loved all of the games in the series, but Fallout 3 is probably my favorite, simply based on the story.  The Fallout games are always fun and I enjoy the post-apocalyptic aspects.  It’s fun to explore and scavenge for supplies and weapons while earning bottle caps.

♥ The Entire Saints Row Franchise

As I’m writing this post, I am realizing that it is hard for me to pick just one game from several of my favorite game franchises.  Saints Row is no exception.  I have enjoyed all of the games and the comedy aspect is always one of my favorite things about the games.  They always make me laugh and I have a great time playing them.  Known for being a bit over the top and highly comedic, the Saints Row games are easily on my favorites list!

This post has barely scratched the surface of some of my favorite games, but I hope it offered some insight about my gaming style and habits.

Thank you for reading!


Post Discussion Questions

tumblr_inline_mueoat2sDx1qdlkyg Did any of your favorite games make my favorite games list?

tumblr_inline_mueoat2sDx1qdlkyg If not, which games are your favorites and why?

tumblr_inline_mueoat2sDx1qdlkyg What elements do you factor in when deciding what your favorite games are?


4 thoughts on “A Look At Some Of My Favorite Games

  1. Zach says:

    One of my favorite game franchises is Bioshock. The story and atmosphere are some of the best. Big Daddy and Little/Big Sisters are amazing characters and the moral choices are some of the best and have some of the best consequences/reactions in video games.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Zach says:

    Infinite was quite a departure from the first 2 but still fun and some great new elements added like the Sky-Hook. Booker and Elizabeth are some of the best characters created. Jack was more of a silent protagonist and you had to find his back story searching Rapture for answers where Booker and Elizabeth’s story unfolded in front of you as you play. Then there’s Andrew Ryan… “Would you kindly”! So ominous.

    Liked by 1 person

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