Figure Photo Friday – Vol. 1

Welcome to my first Figure Photo Friday!

These posts will be just for fun and will be showing some of the figures in my collection.

All photos were taken and edited by me.







I hope you enjoyed my first edition of Figure Photo Friday!

Featured Figures (From Top To Bottom)

♥ Funko POP Witcher 3 – Yennefer

♥ Funko POP Witcher 3 – Geralt with Funko POP Doom Cyberdemon as shadow

♥ Sideshow Collectibles Thor Frog Diorama

♥ Funko POP Witcher 3 – Ciri

♥ Funko POP Willy Wonka and Funko POP Mad Moxxi

♥ Hot Toys Sixth Scale Harley Quinn

♥ Nintendo yarn Yoshi amiibo

Post Discussion Questions:

tumblr_inline_mueoat2sDx1qdlkyg Do you like to take photos of things you collect? If so, let me know in the comments below what type of things you collect!


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