Figure Photo Friday – Vol. 2

Hello everyone and welcome to another edition of Figure Photo Friday!

These posts are just for fun and show off some of the figures in my collection.

All photos were taken and edited by me.




Featured Figures (From Top To Bottom)

♥ Funko POP Witcher 3 – Triss

♥ Funko POP Rugrats – Chuckie

♥ Hot Toys Groot 1:1 Scale Figure

♥ Funko POP Nightmare Before Christmas – Jack Skellington

♥ Funko POP Trick ‘r Treat – Sam

If you enjoyed this edition of Figure Photo Friday, you can check out my previous volume here: Figure Photo Friday – Vol. 1

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Thank you!

Post Discussion Question:

tumblr_inline_mueoat2sDx1qdlkyg Do you have any suggestions for my Figure Photo Friday posts?


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