Figure Photo Friday – Vol. 3

Hello everyone and welcome to another edition of Figure Photo Friday!

These posts are just for fun and show off some of the figures that I have in my collection.

All photos were taken and edited by me.

Enjoy this week’s edition of Figure Photo Friday!



Featured Figures (From Top To Bottom)

♥ Funko POP Assassin’s Creed – Jacob Frye and Evie Frye

♥ Funko POP Twilight – Bella Swan and Edward Cullen

♥ Funko POP – Captain Spaulding

♥ Funko POP – Daryl Dixon and his chopper

♥ Funko POP – Angry Groot Exclusive Bobblehead

♥ Funko POP Despicable Me 3 – Tourist Jerry

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Thank you!


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