#Censi Cat Headphones Review

Hello everyone!

Today I will be doing a quick review of some new headphones that I ordered from Amazon and wanted to share them with you all!

Note: This is NOT a sponsored post and I am reviewing these headphones because they are a product that I enjoy.


What’s In The Box


♥-Cat Ear Accessories

♥-USB Charging Cable

♥-Audio Cable

♥-User Manual

♥-Warranty Card


The audio cable and the cat ear accessories come detached but they are both easy to attach to the headset portion.  The headphones also fold for easy storage.  The box is good quality and can double as storage when the headphones are not in use.


I’ve had my eye on these headphones for awhile since seeing them on Amazon. I received an Amazon gift card as a gift and decided to order them.  I personally like the style of these headphones more than others because these have more of a Kawaii style and have the more rounded ears whereas most cat ear headphones on the market have the pointier ears and more of a lighted rave look to them.  The headphones seem durable and the ear accessories have more of a rubberized feel than the headset portion.  These headphones are also available in a wireless variety and also come in black with red accents.

Comfort and Sound Quality

The first thing that I noticed after putting on these headphones were how comfortable the pads on the over the ear portions were.  They seem like they will be able to be worn for long periods of time without causing pain or discomfort on the ears.  They also cover the ear well and seem to mute out most outside sounds.

I tried out the headphones with Netflix and also with Spotify for a quick test.  The sound quality seems to be very good.  I will mostly be wearing these headphones for hearing game audio while gaming, watching videos and movies, and listening to music.  I had no trouble connecting them right to my Xbox controller and iPad.




This particular pair of headphones (wired version) is listed on Amazon for $59.99 with free shipping.  The wireless variety with mic is listed at $89.99.

I had my doubts about these headphones at first due to the price, however, after receiving them and trying them out in person, I personally feel like they are worth the money.  The style, comfort, and sound quality all seem to be great.  They also seem durable but time and use will determine just how well they can stand up to every day use.

All in all, I would buy them again and now I’m actually wanting to purchase these headphones in the black and red edition.

Overall Impression

Based on style, comfort, sound quality, and price, I would rate these headphones a 9.5 out of 10.  The only disadvantage to these so far is that the price may be a bit higher than some people would be willing to pay for headphones.


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Post Discussion Questions:

tumblr_m4tsqjSKWX1qdlkyg What type or style of headphones do you prefer?

tumblr_m4tsqjSKWX1qdlkyg What purpose do you use headphones for the most?


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