Figure Photo Review – Daryl Dixon 1/6th Scale Figure by Threezero

Anyone who knows me well will tell you that Norman Reedus is my favorite actor and Daryl Dixon is my favorite character that he has portrayed!

Threezero began making a line of sixth scale figures of characters from The Walking Dead and it was my hope that they would make one of Daryl Dixon.  The line of figures has also included Rick Grimes, Michonne, Michonne’s Walker Pets, Merle Dixon, Negan, and Glenn Rhee.

I had been saving my Sideshow Reward Points just for this figure and I pre-ordered it shortly after it was announced in early January and it has finally arrived!

This figure retails at $168 from Sideshow Collectibles, but thanks to my saved reward points, I was able to get this figure for just the cost of shipping!!


›→ What’s In The Box?

⇒ 12″ Daryl Dixon Articulated 1/6th Scale Figure with Weathered Clothing, Faux Leather Vest, Realistic Head Sculpt, and Soft PVC dermis on the arms.

⇒ Accessories include: Poncho, Crossbow, Pistol with Detachable Magazine, Knife, and Six Interchangeable Hands.

›→ First Impressions

I was so excited to get this figure and I was really blown away at just how much this figure looks like Norman/Daryl.  The details are incredible, from his signature vest and crossbow to the weathering on his clothing.


The vest is honestly one of my favorite parts about this figure. The weathering and details on it really make all the difference to making the figure authentic and realistic.


The head and face sculpt is also very well done!

›→ Overall Impression

This figure is actually the first Threezero figure that I have added to my collection but I am so glad that I did!  When I first saw this figure when it was announced, I knew that it was a must-have to add to my collection!

I’m so impressed with this figure and the details and I can’t wait to add more Threezero figures to my collection!

I currently have this figure displayed proudly on my desk!


The figure also photographs VERY well and I had a lot of fun taking these photos! I will include some additional photos below!

›→ Additional Photos




Thank you so much for reading and a huge thank to you Threezero for making such an incredible Daryl Dixon figure!

–Hailey tumblr_inline_mueowskfKi1qdlkyg

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