Loot Gaming – September 2018 “Metal” Photo Unboxing

Hey everyone!

I’m back after a short hiatus and have returned to writing and posting!

It’s officially Fall and I couldn’t be more excited for everything that my favorite season brings! From beautiful weather that is cool, beautiful nature colors, and most of all, hoodies!!!

For today’s post, I will be doing a photo unboxing of the September 2018 Loot Gaming subscription crate.  The theme for this crate was “Metal” and incorporates gaming goodies that fit that theme!

This post will contain spoilers of the crate’s contents so if you are a Loot Gaming subscriber and you haven’t received your September crate yet, don’t read on if you enjoy a surprise.

Now, let’s get on with the unboxing!


Upon first glance of the contents of this month’s crate, I was pretty excited to see some game franchises that I enjoy including DOOM!

The franchises featured in this crate were Spiderman, DOOM, Sonic The Hedgehog, and Metal Gear Solid.


Now let’s take a look at each individual item and I’ll share my overall impressions.

First up, we have the exclusive Sonic the Hedgehog “Metal Sonic” figure!


I honestly love the detailing and image on the front of the box! I will certainly be displaying the box along with the figure!


The back of the box gives some more details and images for this figure. I love the orange border at the bottom featuring a pattern of Sonic! I thought that was a really cool detail and adds a pop of color to the box!


After opening this figure, my boyfriend quickly claimed it to display on his desk. I really think that the figure and the base have awesome details! The figure clips right into the base and Metal Sonic has an awesome pose!

I really like this figure and it will fit perfectly into my collection!

Next up is the exclusive DOOM Cacodemon Bottle Opener!


I was excited to see a DOOM item featured since the franchise has been something that I’ve been playing since I was younger.

I’m always a fan of anything Bethesda, so this DOOM Cacodemon bottle opener was a huge hit for me!

The bottle opener has fantastic details and it has some weight! It’s certainly high quality and it also features magnets on the back which will make it stick to your refrigerator so you’ll always have your Cacodemon handy to open your drinks!

The next item in the September 2018 crate is this exclusive Metal Gear Solid pint glass!


I don’t have a lot of experience with Metal Gear Solid, but this pint glass is super cool!

It’s high quality and I enjoy the graphic on it!

I will certainly be enjoying some refreshing drinks in this awesome glass!

Keeping with the metal theme and the inclusion of Sonic, the next item is this adorable exclusive metal Sonic collectible pin!


I love to collect pins, especially ones that are gaming related, so I was ecstatic to see this awesome pin in this crate! The pin is high quality and I love the colors on it! The yellow in the ears really POPS!

I’m so happy that I get to add this pin to my ever-growing pin collection!

The t-shirt for this month was pretty amazing!

It is a Loot Crate original t-shirt and features a graphic inspired by Spiderman’s Spider-Punk vest!


I LOVE the blue color of this shirt! I also really love the graphic, which is printed on the back of the t-shirt.  I know that the Spider Punk skin in the Spider Man game seems to be the most popular among players, so it’s really cool to see this included in this month’s crate!

The t-shirt is soft and I can’t wait to wear it and show off my Spider-Punk pride!

The poster in this month’s Loot Gaming crate also features Spider Punk Spiderman!  I will be hanging this in my gaming room! Absolutely awesome poster!


The back of the poster also details each item that was included in this month’s crate!

I was pretty pleased with everything in the September 2018 Loot Gaming “Metal” themed Crate!


Each item included fit the theme well and everything was high quality!

I will be enjoying these items for sure!

Thank you for viewing and be on the lookout for a photo unboxing of the August Loot Gaming crate which will be arriving soon!

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Have a great week!


Post Discussion Questions:

tumblr_mcfehvR1OE1qdlkyg-What was your favorite item or items featured in the September 2018 Loot Gaming crate?

tumblr_mcfehvR1OE1qdlkyg-What games fit the theme of “Metal” for you?


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