Real Neat Blog Award – My Responses

I was honored to recently discover that Fitzy from Game Time nominated my blog for a Real Neat Blog Award!

I’d like to begin by thanking Fitzy for the nomination and to say that I am truly honored! I’m fairly new to the blogging world so this acknowledgement means the world to me! I have discovered a very awesome network of gaming bloggers and I’m looking forward to getting to know more about each of them!

Fitzy has presented me with some fun and interesting scenario questions which I will answer below!


The Rules:

  1. Display the Award Logo.
  2. Thank the blogger who nominated you and post a link to their blog.
  3. Answer the questions of the one who nominated you.
  4. Nominate 7-10 bloggers.
  5. Ask them seven questions.

Okay, let’s begin the scenario and scenario questions given to me by Fitzy!

Scenario: You wake up to find yourself strapped to a cold metal table. You glance around and notice a lot of fancy technology but a bunch of stuff that bears a striking resemblance to video game consoles.  You see a bunch of moving things in the corner of your eye. They turn to look at you as you quickly look away from them. You spy a window and quickly realize that you are flying through space. Then it dawns on you, you’re aboard an alien spaceship.

tumblr_inline_mueowskfKi1qdlkyg From the darkness you hear the things conversing with each other. It sounds eerily similar to a made up language you’ve heard in a video game. What games language do they sound like?

My immediate thought upon hearing the creatures converse with each other was that it would sound very similar to Simlish from The Sims.  It’s an interesting language that is really just gibberish, however, it makes sense to them! I think it makes the scenario more terrifying and unknown since I wouldn’t be able to even begin to interpret what they were saying, since Simlish stands on it’s own as a language created especially for the games. I would be relying strictly on body language, sense of attitude, and vocal tones which would add a lot of mystery to this particular scenario.

tumblr_inline_mueowskfKi1qdlkyg One of the moving things starts shuffling towards you, as it gets closer you start to make out its shape. You can’t believe it but it’s a being that you know from video games. What is it, from which series and why does that particular being terrify you?


I think in this particular setting, the creatures would resemble Godlings from The Witcher series.  The Godlings resemble human children for the most part, but have qualities that make them particularly terrifying and mysterious by appearance.  When I picture aliens, I imagine them to have human-like qualities, yet characteristics that clearly make them different to a point that we would find it hard to decide if they had good intentions or bad intentions. The fear of the unknown is certainly present with the appearance of a Godling, yet looks can be deceiving!

tumblr_inline_mueowskfKi1qdlkyg The being realizes that it has startled you. It clicks a button and begins talking to you in English. It explains that a translator has been activated and that it can still sense your duress. It says it wishes to play a song for you, a song of your choosing from video games to help calm you down. Which video game song do you pick?

“Ragnar The Red” from Skyrim. I don’t think it would calm me down but it’s a song that can be heard from just about any bard in any tavern throughout Skyrim. It’s lyrics are sort of dark, but with a humorous tone when sung by a bard. It’s the one most common in my association of video game music since I requested it constantly during my travels. Plus, hearing an alien being sing this would probably make me laugh.

Oh, there once was a hero named Ragnar the Red
Who came riding to Whiterun from ole Rorikstead

And the braggart did swagger and brandish his blade
As he told of bold battles and gold he had made

But then he went quiet, did Ragnar the Red
When he met the shieldmaiden, Matilda, who said:

“Oh you talk, and you lie, and you drink all our mead
Now I think it’s high time that you lie down and bleed”

And so then came clashing and slashing of steel
As the brave lass Matilda charged in full of zeal

And the braggart named Ragnar was boastful no more
When his ugly red head rolled around on the floor


tumblr_inline_mueowskfKi1qdlkyg After you calmed down, the being clicks a button and you are released from the table. The being explains that it has been watching Earth for a long time and their race has a fascination with Earth’s video games. They wish to join Earth in its gaming culture and the being explains that they love local competitive video games. The being requests that the two of you play a friendly match together. It requests that you pick any game that has existed on any gaming system (PC included) but that the game must include alien races, as the beings find the exclusion to be upsetting to them. It doesn’t need to their species but something beyond Earth. The being suggests that if you win the game, it will show you around the ship. Realizing that this may be your best chance to escape, what game do you pick that you feel confident in winning?

I’d challenge the creature to a game of SWAT on the Sword Base map from Halo: Reach.  I know this map like the back of my hand and would be confident that I could score a match victory that could lead to my escape.  It’s probably my favorite Halo map and one that I have had the most practice with.


tumblr_inline_mueowskfKi1qdlkyg After you win the match, the being praises you to all its fellow crew. They rejoice and hail you as Earth’s champion. The alien then requests you follow it around the ship. As you walk through the long corridors, you come across a wall of familiar weapons. On the wall is dozens upon dozens of weapons from video games. But, the weapons are half and half. The being explains that something went wrong and all the weapons were split in half and then merged with a random weapon. They all worked though and the beings liked the results so they kept them. Amongst the weapons you spot a weapon ideal for your current situation. You lunge for the weapon and proceed to go through with the act of escaping. What weapon fusion have you chosen and why? (For the sake of the following questions, it can’t be a weapon that would get you off the ship.)

This was a tough one to answer because there was sooo many choices that I immediately thought of that were both destructive enough to ensure my survival and also hilarious enough to make for an interesting story. Ultimately, I decided to go with the Powerfist from the Fallout series. Not only is it an interesting weapon, but it’s powerful and could fuse with other weapons quite seamlessly and would still be effective. I think it would be quite easy to wear and it could be modded with different parts to make it even more deadly and effective.


tumblr_inline_mueowskfKi1qdlkyg After your altercation with the being, you make a dash in the opposite direction from where you woke. As you run you hear a blaring noise and realize that the alarm has been sounded. You enter a new room and before you you see an escape pod. You go to enter the shuttle but quickly realize that you best prepare yourself first. At the back of the room and spy a row of containers, each with a spacesuit. The beings have created fully functioning spacesuits from video games. Each one with the abilities of their video game counterparts and fully stocked with oxygen. How convenient, you think! Which spacesuit do you take and why?

Another difficult question with many possible answers that I debated back and forth between. Ultimately, I decided on the Scorpion Space Suit from DeadSpace. It not only looks awesome and intimidating, but the extra damage resistance is a major plus! Also, red has always been one of my favorite colors, so from a fashion standpoint, this choice has it all!


tumblr_inline_mueowskfKi1qdlkyg After suiting up, you enter the pod. Before you is a mouse, keyboard and a display screen. The screen prompts you to press the Esc button to launch the shuttle. So you do just that. The escape pod breaks away from the ship and hurtles through space. The screen prompts you to type in your destination. EARTH you type. ‘Insufficient fuel’ the screen unfortunately tells you. The display then prompts a list of choices for you in the vicinity. It details a bunch of prototype worlds that the beings had set up. Each world has been created to resemble a video game world and has Earth’s atmosphere implemented on it. On the list you spy a place that you recognize from your games and you decide that that *Blank* Planet is ideal for you. What planet is it and why?

This question also had many options that I found myself trying to decide between but I ultimately chose Sera from Gears of War.  Even though it’s had a dark history and many potential threats, I find the scenery to be beautiful in an apocalyptic kind of way.  I think there would be many sites to explore and vast terrain that would be ideal for exploring and going on adventures filled with battle and wonders. It would certainly suffice until I could eventually find my way back to Earth.



I would like to say thank you again to Fitzy for the nomination! I had so much fun with these questions and am honored to get to share them with you all!

Below, I will post my scenario and questions for my nominees! I look forward to seeing everyone’s responses!

My Scenario: 

You awake in a strange house, surrounded by things that seem familiar, yet new in their own way. Your head hurts and you can’t remember who you are or anything about your past, but the memories soon begin to flood back and you begin to be able to piece together qualities about yourself and your life by looking at the objects around you.

My Questions:

  • After getting out of the bed you just woke up in, you begin looking around the room and notice a framed family portrait on the mantle. You glance in a mirror on the wall and back at the family portrait. The person in the middle of the photograph is clearly you, but the people on either side of you look familiar, but you can’t remember much about them and who they are. You assume that they must be your parents and you suddenly remember them from a game.  Who are your gaming character parents?


  • After figuring out and remembering a bit about who your parents are, you hear a loud growl from your stomach. You are starving! After a quick trip to the kitchen, you open the fridge and your eyes widen at the assortment of foods on the shelves before you! Everything looks delicious, but you notice your favorite video game food and it just looks too tempting not to eat first! Which video game food do you choose to eat first and what makes it such a delicious treat?


  • Now that your stomach is satisfied, you realize that you are so thirsty! You head back to the fridge and peer inside once again. You spot your favorite video game drink on the shelf, ice cold and looking delicious! You grab one, pop it open, and take a big drink. Which video game drink did you choose to satisfy your thirst?


  • Now that your thirst has been quenched, you decide to look around the house a bit more and see what you can remember about yourself and the world around you.  As you step into the hallway, you hear a loud CRASH and many other terrifying noises. Fearing for your safety, you step into the nearest room and close the door quietly. As you turn and place your back against the closed door, you glance up and see a terrifying creature standing before you. You immediately recognize the monster from a video game and begin trying to remember it’s weaknesses and vulnerabilities to help you survive! Which creature and from which game stands before you?


  • The creature growls and positions itself to attack! You glance to your right and see a formidable weapon. You recognize it immediately from a game and quickly grab it before attacking the monster and ultimately winning the battle. Which weapon did you see and what makes it your main choice?


  • After cleaning yourself up from the battle with the creature, you decide that it’s time to get out of this house and to find someplace more safe! You find the door to the garage and upon opening the door, you find a variety of vehicles, mounts, and transports, all of which are vaguely familiar. You only have time to choose one, so choose wisely! Which video game method of transport do you choose and what makes it the most reliable for ensuring a safe getaway?


  • As you speed away from the house on your chosen method of transport, you notice the scenery around you is also familiar and you spot a familiar person. You are unsure if this person is a friend or a foe, but currently, you can’t worry about that. You need help! Which video game character do you see first and what makes them a friend or a foe on your journey to the unknown?


You’ve completed your adventure and arrive safely into a new world! Whew! That was close! Thanks to your amazing decisions and choices, you’ve survived this adventure!  Wishing you all lots of fun in answering the questions and choosing how your adventure turns out!

I would like to nominate some amazing blogs that I’ve recently discovered that have recently followed my blog and those nominees are as follows:

My Nominees:

Home Button Gaming


Geek. Sleep. Rinse. Repeat

Games Revisited

Eight Bit Blonde

Bandicoot Warrior

Bearded Gamer


I hope you all enjoy the questions and thank you for reading my responses!



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  1. Super fast response to my questions! I’m impressed. I didn’t even think of Simlish but it makes perfect sense. Terrifying to think of Godling’s like Johnny emoting like the Sims whilst speaking that language haha.

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