Plushie Review – Pocket Morty Plushies by Symbiote Studios

Hey everyone!

Today, I’m going to be doing a quick review of some of the Morty plushies from Symbiote Studios! These plushies are based on the different varieties of Mortys from the Pocket Mortys game and they sure are CUTE!

So far, I’ve collected four of these Morty plushies and I have another one on the way! I think they are awesome to collect and they are high quality plushies with unique details on each! With so many types, they really make great additions to any Rick and Morty fan’s collection!

All of these officially licensed Morty plushies stand approximately 10 inches tall and are all made from a super soft and cuddly material! They are also limited which makes them perfect for collectors!


Now let’s take a look at some of the Mortys individually!

Two Cat Morty


We’ll start with my favorite Morty plushie so far which is Two Cat Morty! The details on this one are so cute, from the cat scratches on Morty’s face to the little claw tears in his shirt! Morty’s hands and the kittens all contain magnets which make the kittens detachable!


There’s also claw tears in the back of his shirt! It’s little details like this that really make a plushie that much more awesome!


Here is a close up of the kittens and the scratch and tear details! So cute!

Survivalist Morty


Next up, we have Survivalist Morty! This particular plushie has some of my favorite details! I love Morty’s hoodie (which reminds me a bit of Pickle Rick!) and his little Morty backpack!


This Morty has been through some rough times trying to survive, but he’s now safe in my collection!


The beard details are really a great addition to this Survivalist Morty plushie!

Cult of Morty


All praise the one true Morty! I really like this Cult Morty plushie and I’m so glad to have this one in my collection! This was the first Morty that I collected, so it’s quite special to me!


Just like the other Mortys, this plushie contains many awesome details! The hood of his robe can be displayed up or down!


Love the stitching for the face paint details!

Samurai Morty


For our final Morty for today, we have Samurai Morty!  One of my favorite elements of this Morty is the color scheme!


His Samurai armor outfit is also very cool! He really looks like he’s prepared for battle!

Mortys In The Wild – Extra Pictures

Extra Info

All of these Morty plushies retail for $29.99! There are several other types of Mortys than what I’ve shown here today and you can check those out by visiting Symbiote Studio’s Shop!

They also have a plushie of Kevin from Overcooked coming soon that I am mega excited about! (It’s no secret that I love cooking up some kitchen mayhem in Overcooked!)

Also, if you want to hang out and learn more about Symbiote Studios and all of their awesome plushies, you can catch them live on Twitch on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 8 PM PST!

Thanks for stopping by to take a look at these awesome plushies with me! Have a great week everyone!!


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