About Me

Hello and welcome to my “About Me” page!

I’m Hailey!

  • My hobbies include spending time with my son, gaming, and collecting figures and memorabilia.
  • My favorite types of games are RPGs like The Witcher series and the Dragon Age series. I’m also a fan of the Harvest Moon franchise and Stardew Valley.
  • Xbox and Switch are my current consoles of choice.
  • I’m a big time fan of coffee.
  • Huge fan of The Walking Dead, especially Daryl Dixon.
  • Long time fan of WWE.
  • Supporter of Autism Awareness.

A Brief History of My Hobbies

I’ve had a love for video games for as long as I can remember. Ever since I could hold a controller, I’ve had an interest in gaming.  Some of my earliest memories of gaming involved attempting to play Galaga on an old Atari console that my dad had. I was super young at the time and didn’t really understand the concept but it was still fun!

The first console that was officially “mine” in the household was the original Nintendo NES. There were many long days spent with my sister getting frustrated over Duck Hunt.

From there, we upgraded to the Nintendo SNES system and then to the Nintendo 64 followed by a PlayStation 1.

We’ve owned just about every gaming console that has been released since then and now I’m currently at the Xbox One and the Nintendo Switch.

It’s been amazing to see how far games and consoles have come within the past several decades.


My hobby of collecting started within the past several years.

So many companies are making awesome figures and collectibles with beautiful details that are typically based on comics, movies, video games, and pop culture. They are really fun to collect and they look awesome on display.

It seems that the aspect of collecting has become really popular lately and not just among former collectors.  It has truly become a hobby for lots of people.  With varying price ranges, collecting figures is something that just about everyone can do if they have an interest in collecting.

With so many companies making figures, statues, and collectibles, there really is something out there for everyone.

Personally, I love to collect 1/6th scale figures the most because they are around 12 inches tall and usually include accessories and a stand which makes them diverse in displaying and posing.  However, my current collection features lots of different things and types of figures and collectibles.


As for why I started this blog, my goal and purpose is to share my love of video games, collectibles/collecting, action figures, and pop culture!

I look forward to sharing my opinions about these topics as well as others, posting fun photographs of my collection, and maybe even some reviews!

All posts on this site are my own opinions.

Thank you for taking the time to read my posts and I look forward to sharing more with you!



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