Real Neat Blog Award – My Responses

I was honored to recently discover that Fitzy from Game Time nominated my blog for a Real Neat Blog Award!

I’d like to begin by thanking Fitzy for the nomination and to say that I am truly honored! I’m fairly new to the blogging world so this acknowledgement means the world to me! I have discovered a very awesome network of gaming bloggers and I’m looking forward to getting to know more about each of them!

Fitzy has presented me with some fun and interesting scenario questions which I will answer below!


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Loot Gaming – August 2018 “Medieval” Photo Unboxing

Hello and Happy Sunday everyone!

For today’s post, I will be doing a photo unboxing of the August Loot Gaming subscription crate!

An item in this crate was a bit delayed so this crate arrived after September’s Metal themed crate which I unboxed last week.

The theme for the August crate was “Medieval” and incorporates gaming stuff that fits that particular theme.

This post will contain spoilers of the crate’s contents so if you are a Loot Gaming subscriber and you haven’t received your August crate yet, don’t read any further if you want to be surprised about your crate’s contents.

Now let’s get on with the unboxing!


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Oh Joy! My Adventure So Far In We Happy Few

We Happy Few is a game that I have been anticipating for awhile now and it had been on my “must-play” list since I first saw a trailer for it about two years ago!

After playing the demo on Xbox, I was super excited to get my hands on the full game and that time has finally arrived! (I may or may not have sat and watched for the UPS man for most of the day to deliver my copy.)

We Happy Few was released this past Friday and I spent most of this past weekend exploring around Wellington Wells and taking in the mysterious, beautiful, and sometimes creepy sights.

I am currently about twelve hours into the game and it has been everything that I had been hoping for and more!

Today, I will detail some of my adventure so far and share some in-game screenshots.


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A Look at Harvest Moon: Light of Hope – Game and Strategy Guide

co28A Love of Farming Blooms

Every weekend when I was younger, my parents would take my sister and I to the video rental store (a bit of a blast from the past!) and they would let us choose video games or movies that we wanted to rent for the weekend, along with some snacks like cotton candy and popcorn.

I remember discovering a game for Super Nintendo called “Harvest Moon” while browsing the game shelves one weekend.  The cover art was cute which caught the attention of my young gaming self.  Upon getting home and playing the game, I was immediately hooked! The mission of the game, which was to restore your grandfather’s run-down farm back to it’s former glory, was very appealing and lots of fun!

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A Look At Some Of My Favorite Games

For my blog post today, I have decided to share some of my favorite games that I have spent a lot of time playing.  This list is in no particular order and obviously doesn’t list all of my favorite games.

When ranking some of my favorite games, my decisions are typically based on interesting characters and a well developed story.  However, that is not always the case and sometimes it just depends on fun game play or my current mood.

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A Decade of Memories – A Tribute To SmallWorlds

An Introduction

From an outside perspective, SmallWorlds may seem like just a game, but to the citizens and players of SmallWorlds, it is so much more than that.

It is a place to hang out and socialize with friends, or to even make new friends.

It is a place to vent when life isn’t going a certain way and when it is, it becomes a place to share good news.

It is a place to express our creativity through sculptures and paintings.

It is a place to tell stories and create adventures through the missions that we make.

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