Plushie Review – Pocket Morty Plushies by Symbiote Studios

Hey everyone!

Today, I’m going to be doing a quick review of some of the Morty plushies from Symbiote Studios! These plushies are based on the different varieties of Mortys from the Pocket Mortys game and they sure are CUTE!

So far, I’ve collected four of these Morty plushies and I have another one on the way! I think they are awesome to collect and they are high quality plushies with unique details on each! With so many types, they really make great additions to any Rick and Morty fan’s collection!

All of these officially licensed Morty plushies stand approximately 10 inches tall and are all made from a super soft and cuddly material! They are also limited which makes them perfect for collectors!


Now let’s take a look at some of the Mortys individually!

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A Look at Harvest Moon: Light of Hope – Game and Strategy Guide

co28A Love of Farming Blooms

Every weekend when I was younger, my parents would take my sister and I to the video rental store (a bit of a blast from the past!) and they would let us choose video games or movies that we wanted to rent for the weekend, along with some snacks like cotton candy and popcorn.

I remember discovering a game for Super Nintendo called “Harvest Moon” while browsing the game shelves one weekend.  The cover art was cute which caught the attention of my young gaming self.  Upon getting home and playing the game, I was immediately hooked! The mission of the game, which was to restore your grandfather’s run-down farm back to it’s former glory, was very appealing and lots of fun!

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