A Look at Harvest Moon: Light of Hope – Game and Strategy Guide

co28A Love of Farming Blooms

Every weekend when I was younger, my parents would take my sister and I to the video rental store (a bit of a blast from the past!) and they would let us choose video games or movies that we wanted to rent for the weekend, along with some snacks like cotton candy and popcorn.

I remember discovering a game for Super Nintendo called “Harvest Moon” while browsing the game shelves one weekend.  The cover art was cute which caught the attention of my young gaming self.  Upon getting home and playing the game, I was immediately hooked! The mission of the game, which was to restore your grandfather’s run-down farm back to it’s former glory, was very appealing and lots of fun!

Each weekend when we would head back to the video store to rent something else, I would always choose Harvest Moon.  Back then, saving video games was practically impossible, but I didn’t care.  I started that game over from the beginning every single weekend and had a blast doing it. I have many fond memories of pressing my luck with a later bedtime just so I could continue farming before the weekend was over and the game had to be returned to the video store.

Now, as an adult, I am still a fan of the Harvest Moon franchise.  It has been a series that I have followed for many years and I have literally grown up playing the Harvest Moon games, which now brings me to the newest addition to the series which is titled Harvest Moon: Light of Hope!


The Harvest Moon: Light of Hope game, strategy guide, and cow plushie.  The chocolate cow plushie was the preorder bonus item from GameStop for Light of Hope.

co28Harvest Moon: Light of Hope Gameplay

Harvest Moon: Light of Hope was released last week and I have been enjoying it ever since! It is everything that I have always loved about the series!  With fun game play, cute characters, and a heartfelt story, it is truly the perfect addition to the franchise!


The goal in Harvest Moon: Light of Hope (which is most recently available on Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4) is to restore the lighthouse which will bring prosperity back to the island after a huge storm washes away the lighthouse’s magical tablets.


While restoring the lighthouse, you can build up your farm, plant crops, make friends, raise animals, and form a relationship that could lead to starting a family!


The Harvest Moon games are great for casual game play and Light of Hope is no different! There’s missions to follow to restore the lighthouse, but the pace that you go is really up to you.


It is a great game for returning Harvest Moon players, as well as for those just diving into the franchise for the first time!


Besides planting and raising animals, Harvest Moon: Light of Hope also has activities such as fishing, mining, cooking, and fun festivals to participate in!


With so much to do in Harvest Moon: Light of Hope, it’s handy to have all of the important information in one place which leads me to my next recommendation: the official Collector’s Edition strategy guide for Harvest Moon: Light of Hope from Prima Games!

co28Prima Games Harvest Moon: Light of Hope Strategy Guide

When playing games with lots of content, missions, activities, and important dates to remember, it is handy to have a strategy guide.  Not only are guides collectible, but they are a great reference source!

The developer of the Harvest Moon games, Natsume, recently celebrated the 20th anniversary of the franchise!


Prima Games and Natsume have released a fantastic Collector’s Edition strategy guide to celebrate this occasion that really is a must have for any Harvest Moon fan! Not only does the guide provide vital information for Harvest Moon: Light of Hope, but there is also other goodies included such as a double-sided calendar/game series timeline poster, a retrospective of the Harvest Moon game series, as well as interviews with the developers!

The guide also contains a code for an e-guide which is a digital version of the strategy guide with convenient elements such as a search feature!


The Prima Games Harvest Moon: Light of Hope Collector’s Edition guide has 256 pages and features a hardback cover with the front and back both adorned with adorable art that all Harvest Moon fans will love!

The guide’s contents include an introduction, a walk through for restoring the lighthouse, a directory for Beacon Town, a farmer’s handbook, a guide to fishing, how to use mining for profit, a chef’s guide for cooking, an overview of Beacon Town businesses and shops, a neighbor’s guide for making friends and giving gifts, wedding and festival information, developer tips, a list of trophies, and the 20th anniversary celebration section with developer interviews and history about the game franchise.

The guide also contains easy to read tables with item pictures, descriptions, and other important information that are great for quick reference.  Cute artwork of the characters and animals can also be found on many of the pages!

In the photo gallery below, I will give a sneak peak inside the strategy guide for Harvest Moon: Light of Hope showing some of the contents such as the tables and artwork, as well as the back cover art!

co28A Peek Inside The Strategy Guide

This guide has so much content and the graphics are amazing! I highly recommend this guide to all Harvest Moon fans! It is certainly a great addition to my collection, and I know it will be to yours too!

If you would like to see more from Prima Games, you can catch them live on Twitch every Tuesday and Friday starting at 1:00 PM Eastern time.

If you have any questions about the Harvest Moon game series, Light of Hope, or the Prima Games Strategy guide, please feel free to post them in the comments below and I will do my best to answer them!

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Thank you for reading and happy gaming! tumblr_inline_mueowskfKi1qdlkyg


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